Prime Logistics offers our expertise and services in healthcare logistics/pharmacy supplies. We have extended access to a large network of companies and other facilities in the pharmaceutical industry. In our years of experience, we have learned the importance of proper supply chain management in this delicate field. 


Proper supply chain management will ensure that vital pharmaceutical supplies reach their final destinations. Our experts understand the pharmaceutical supply chain’s complexities and the common challenges that companies may face to properly and effectively transport medications

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According to the Deloitte and Healthcare Distribution Alliance, 92% of the prescription drugs in the United States are distributed through wholesalers. Companies like AmerisourceBergan, Cardinal Health, and McKesson Corporation make up 90% of that. When it comes to wholesale pharmaceuticals, the chain flows from the manufacturers to chain pharmacies, independent pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and mail-order pharmacies. 

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Outside of manufacturers, as of 2016, wholesalers are second in retained revenue across the pharmaceutical sector. Their business practices have a direct impact on which drugs are ultimately distributed to patients. These companies are constantly competing for contracts with providers and other pharmacies.


Wholesalers have an important role in the prescription drug market. They purchase drugs from brand-name manufacturers at WAC (wholesale acquisition cost) minus any negotiated discount, which will be kept confidential between the manufacturer and wholesaler. Although it remains a small fraction of the overall brand-name drug prices and spending, the difference between what wholesalers pay for the brand-name drugs and what it charges pharmacies can represent a large source of revenue for wholesalers.

Pharmacy Freight Management 

Prime Logistics specializes in understanding the flow of services in the pharmaceutical distribution chain and other parts of healthcare logistics. Part of that understanding comes from knowing the power that wholesalers have to improve or worsen drug shortages. Our teams of highly trained professionals have been prepared to handle both influxes and reductions in the supply chain. 


Our freight management services cover all layers of the pharmaceutical chain, including brand-name drugs, generic drugs, OTC products, specialty drugs for physician practices, vaccines, and more. Using our temperature-controlled logistics and freight forwarding services, we are able to maximize flexibility for any of these shipments and adjust to their time sensitivity without risking spoilage. Our staff is seasoned, and it is their mission to ensure that the cargo arrives at each step of the supply chain unharmed and of the highest quality. 

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With our time in the pharmacy logistics industry, we have evolved, grown, and now have access to a vast and successful network of not only companies but facilities and other pharmaceutical supply chain representatives globally. It is what allows Prime Logistics to offer our full-service supply chain solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors as well as other service industries.

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