Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Never in history has there been such an intense focus on healthcare logistics services and supply chain management. The COVID 19 pandemic coupled with an already steep upswing in global demand for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products has underscored the vital role that manufacturers, healthcare providers, and global health organizations play in delivering life-saving products and supplies to the world community.

Prime Logistics understands the importance of the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain in today’s society. Every day, customers around the world turn to our team of professionals for expert temperature-controlled logistics and freight forwarding services that maximize flexibility for the shipment of time-sensitive products and medical devices while minimizing spoilage. 

Supply chain management in the healthcare industry ensures that such vital cargo arrives safely and on time. Whether you are shipping vaccines, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, or biopharmaceuticals, let our seasoned pharma supply chain and logistics management specialists ensure that your cargo makes it from the manufacturing center to its destination. The necessity of teaming with an experienced healthcare supply chain management company is what makes the difference when transporting medical supplies across the globe. This ensures that vital supplies reach the patients and facilities that need them most – safely, intact, and on time.  

Prime Logistics also has fast access to a vast network of companies, facilities, and pharma supply chain representatives across the world that allows us to offer comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. We provide healthcare logistics services for a wide range of industries, including: 

– Biopharma

Animal Healthcare 


Consumer Health & Nutrition 


Distribution Facilities


Dental Practitioners

Home Healthcare 

Ambulatory Services 

Outpatient Care Centers

With more than 20 years of freight forwarding experience, Prime Logistics can confidently assure the world’s leading healthcare suppliers that their time-sensitive pharmaceutical products will arrive safely and swiftly across international borders and oceans. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team that is ready when you need them, we provide businesses with 24/7 monitoring of their shipments, risk assessment for specific delivery routes, and live tracking –  so they always remain fully aware of the state of their product.

Supply Chain Management in the Healthcare Industry

Our sophisticated approach to providing healthcare logistics allows us to offer customized solutions in the shipment of medical products and supplies globally for our customers. With thorough, time-tested knowledge of customs clearance processes and value-added services, Prime Logistics diligently delivers seamless service across the entire healthcare supply chain.


Healthcare supply chain management is a complex business where time is money, product integrity is essential, and there is no margin for error. That is why it is crucial to partner with a freight forwarding company that has a proven track record in managing every aspect of your operation – including the ability to anticipate and resolve problems before they occur. Helping to ensure that the most sensitive of products arrive in a safe and timely manner, our global freight forwarding team is current with all global hazardous goods certifications, meaning we can move goods such as vaccines and other temperature-sensitive commodities with the greatest confidence and success. 


Let our team grant you peace of mind with our elite pharmaceutical shipping services. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare logistics services today.

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