Regardless of who the client and customer are, a freight management company is needed for auto parts shipping. Prime Logistics is a proud automotive part logistics provider with years of experience shipping this cargo. Our experts are trained to properly ship auto parts and correctly handle them along the supply chain. 


When shipping auto parts, it is essential to remember that they are often oddly shaped, and many are relatively heavy. It will always help to understand what parts are being dealt with and what type of care and handling they will need while under the freight company’s responsibility.


The Prime Logistics team is here to help clients and consumers understand the freight shipping process a little more. 


Auto Parts Freight Shipping

To be successful in auto parts freight shipping, we have learned that it is always beneficial to start with a full assessment of the part being handled in each shipment. Depending on their shape and size, certain auto parts may need to be palletized or crated differently. Wrapping, padding, and sealing are all options for auto parts shipping, though they will vary based on size and weight. Once the team understands how each part needs to be packaged and shipped, they will begin getting the cargo to its final destination. 


In the past few years, customer demands and expectations have expanded, making them more obvious to automotive supply chains. Working with an experienced logistics company like Prime Group can help. At Prime, we understand that as parts manufacturers, the components must be produced quickly and efficiently to get to the customers in the same timely manner. Our auto parts freight management team and process are in place to ensure just that. 

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There are a variety of automotive parts that can be shipped, including:


Automotive Parts Logistics

With both import and export solutions, Prime Logistics offers state-of-the-art services and technology to our clients and partners, which can be utilized as needed. With our global network, we can give our clients access to international import and export routes. This is because we provide shipping locations worldwide no matter where the parts need to go, national or international. We also offer different solutions and can ship by land, air, or sea.


With our experience in the automotive industry, we have grown and evolved our services to meet all of the supply and demand needs as they grow. We have also learned to adapt to the different parts being shipped, as not every part will require the same process. For example, parts like tires and bumpers might not need to be packaged, just properly labeled and grouped with the rest of the shipment.


If you need our services and have further questions about our automotive parts shipping, contact us today.