Lumber Transport

As the construction industry evolved to include new materials in its processes, there has been one constant, and that is the use of lumber as an important component for construction. While lumber is an extremely important part of the construction industry, transporting it could prove to be difficult without the assistance of an experienced GLOBAL SHIPPING & LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS company. In fact, aside from being difficult, transporting lumber and wooden construction materials could be dangerous. This means that doing so is best left to the helping hand of our shipping and logistics professionals. To learn more about lumber transport and what it means for you, continue reading below. 

How to Ship Lumber

Learning how to ship lumber is one of the most important parts of a construction company because doing so properly will ensure that your business avoids road incidents, property loss, and even liabilities associated with improperly doing so. As one of the top construction site logistics companies on the market, we heavily recommend that you partner with experienced professionals to ship lumber instead of relying on doing this yourself, as this is the best way to ensure that you do this seamlessly. 

The first thing that you should keep in mind when you are first learning about lumber transport is to make sure that you have the correctly sized trailer and vessel for the lumber. We would also like to point out that having an incorrectly-sized trailer is both illegal and dangerous, which means that you need to adhere to strict weight regulations so that you do have good truck handling and braking. Our construction logistics company is prepared to help you by having the appropriately sized and weighted trailer and vehicle for your specific load. 

After getting the appropriately sized trailer, it will be time to secure the load with heavy-duty straps. These should be approximately 15 feet in length and able to hold about 1,000 to 3,000 pounds of cargo. 

Why Hire a Lumber Logistics Company? 

The most important thing to consider when you are deciding whether or not to hire a lumber logistics company is that lumber logistics companies come with plenty of experience and knowledge about the topic. This means that you are relying on experts to handle your logistics needs. We could assist you with everything from the packing of the lumber to designing the best route for your lumber. This is all done with effectiveness and safety as a top priority. 

More About Prime Logistics and Prime Group

Other than assisting businesses by detailing lumber transport, shipping lumber, and the best ways that they could do it, we offer a multitude of different services that make their business run more efficiently. These include the following: 

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