Value-Added Services

What Are Value-Added Services?

Value-Added Services are exactly what the name suggests: services that add to the cost of a good beyond the actual production. When considering the cost to customers, businesses must consider their bottom line. When you send your products out to the customers, when you apply for cargo insurance, these boost your cost and in turn add to the value of your product. At Prime Logistics, we offer a wide variety of value-added services including warehousing and inventory, air charters, handling, and a list of more to both shoulder the load of the supply chain and increase your perceived value. To optimize your shipping in a safe and efficient manner use Prime Logistics for your global freight forwarding.

Here is a list of our Value-Added Services:

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Warehousing and Inventory
  • Handling
  • Packaging and Crating
  • Pick-ups/Delivery 
  • Consolidation
  • Cold-Storage
  • Air Charters
  • Customs Clearance
  • Dispatch & Logistics Integration


Want To Learn More About Our Perishables Logistics & Forwarding Services?

Prime Logistics - shipping insurance

When you are moving mass quantities of product, cargo insurance for the pick-up and delivery of your goods can not only keep you covered in the event of an accident, it can increase the value of your product. When we are finished discussing how to handle and consolidate your packaging logistics, we can devise an insurance plan for your cargo. While your shipment is ongoing, you will receive on-time and accurate shipment tracking, so you can work day-to-day with an even clearer mind.

Looking to spread your product across borders? Trying to expand your reach globally can become a tricky task if you’re unfamiliar with customs clearance etiquette. At Prime Logistics, we have years of experience with import/export forwarding and logistics integration across seas. 

Our global freight forwarding team has their hazardous goods certification, meaning we can move even the most sensitive of products. Let our team grant you peace of mind while you add value to your product with our elite shipping services. Contact us today to learn more.









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Let us do the work
ready to ship?

ready to ship?

Prime Fresh Handling clients depend on our international network of coordinated cargo and freight service specialists to operate shipping routes across the globe. Our experienced customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer your calls and address any perishable shipping and logistics questions you may have promptly and courteously. We are here for you!