Aerospace & Automotive

We help automakers, suppliers, airlines and aerospace customers with flexible and dynamic supply chain solutions. Customizable solutions to meet specific service requirements combined with proactive logistics management drive our successful and expert aerospace and automotive industry services.

We employ state-of-the art warehouse management and tracking to service regional and international industry needs, and handle import and export of parts and supplies. Our customers and our peers recognize Prime Logistics unequaled expertise in the industry.

Biotechnology, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Prime Logistics understands the challenges facing biotechnology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals customers. It’s a huge responsibility to tailor just the right combination of freight management solutions for such sensitive cargo. We have over a decade of experience handling the most temperature-sensitive cargo, and our disciplined and consistent processes ensure the best possible result for customers from these industries.

Cold-chain integrity within regions and across oceans makes the handling of pharmaceuticals, chemical and other biotechnology one of the most challenging areas of logistics customization. Trust your products to Prime Logistics.

Food & Beverage

Intelligent and careful management is the hallmark of quality food and beverage logistics. Prime Logistics is able to integrate all of the special needs of this sector into a seamless cold-chain, assuring quality controls, efficient inventory and expert monitoring of your cargo.

Prime Logistics knows that quick turnarounds, precision and flexibility are essential to good service for the food and beverage industry. We combine our expertise with state-of-the-art IT to design logistics solutions for each customer. 24-hour customer service guarantees the highest standards in service and responsiveness for our clients.

Let us develop creative logistics solutions for your food and beverage logistics needs.


The most important thing for a manufacturer is the ability to concentrate on your core business, so Prime Logistics integrate all of your logistics processes into one smooth, effortless package. From packing and crating to inventory control and warehouse management, our expertise at managing the specific challenges of the manufacturing industry ensure that Prime Logistics will support your end-to-end logistics operations with total efficiency.

Your supply chain is the key component to delivering value. Optimization of the supply chain through customized IT allow your to realize business value and controlled, holistic growth over the long term. Allow Prime Logistics to become your single source solution for cargo logistics and supply chain management.

Paper, Plastics and Packaging

Prime Logistics warehouse management solutions and integrated inventory solutions allow us to be the perfect logistics partner for the paper, plastics and packaging industries. We work with the world’ leading vendors and software providers to provide maximum benefit for our customers in these highly specialized industries.

Value-added logistics and strategic customization allows Prime Logistics to manage paper, plastics and packing industry customers in worldwide. Our flexibility and experience make us the logistics company of choice for leading brands. Leveraging Prime Logistics technology, processes and service allows the industry to operate with precision and confidence.


At Prime Logistics, our highly trained and experienced staff guarantees our retail industry customers the best logistics service in the industry. In a sector characterized by demanding, time-sensitive end-to-end logistics standards, we offer the full range of integrated and innovative cargo services. Prime Logistics is able to analyze, customize and optimize the warehousing, inventory and packing and crating needs of our retail customers.

Prime Logistics portfolio of services has been developed to adapt to your retail logistics processes and integrate with your existing logistics systems. Value-added services like labeling and specialized packaging make us ready to work for you.


The key to state-of-the-art logistics management for the wholesale industry is intelligent organization. It takes seasoned staff and nimble IT to structure the right logistics and cargo management system for the wholesaler customer. Prime Air & Ocean Cargo is able to optimize and organize your supply chain, inventory management and distribution for your unique wholesale needs.

Timely and efficient services, including warehousing, specialized freight services, fulfillment and smarter delivery options put Prime Air & Ocean Cargo at the front of the wholesale industry logistics market.

Comprehensive solutions make our wholesale customers come back time and again for Prime Logistics dynamic services and support. Optimize your business with robust logistics management and flexible services.


Nobody does perishables handling better than Prime Logistics. From fresh-cut flowers to bouquets, fish and asparagus, Prime Logistics can take your perishables from the farm or factory to the sales floor is one seamless system.

Our conglomerate can charter your aircraft, manage your cold-chain, facilitate your customs and import/export document needs and deliver your product to your customer’s door. No one other freight forwarder has the resources we have in the perishables market in South America, North America and Europe.

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