Prime Logistics clients range across many industries. We pride ourselves on all the services and solutions we are able to provide. Here are the industries that we offer solutions for:





-Consumer & Retail



In any of these fields, we provide services that will allow you to ship your products properly and safely. We use our highly trained professionals and specific materials to ensure your trust in our capabilities. 



Healthcare Logistics

The need for healthcare logistics services and supply chain management is more important than ever. It’s clear that when it comes to industrial logistics, pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains play an important role in today’s society. Our global network of freight forwarders comes with warehousing and facilities all over the world. Prime Logistics is the company to turn to for logistic needs for all the leading healthcare facilities.

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Aerospace Logistics

Another one of our logistics industries is aerospace. We are a dependable logistics company that can build resilient aviation supply chain solutions that keep businesses flying high! Our team has the knowledge and experience to understand that aeronautical logistics are an important part of making sure the supply chain is constantly moving so that all your cargo arrives efficiently and timely!



Perishables Solutions

Prime Logistics is just one of the companies in the Prime Group family. We are lucky enough to have Prime Fresh Handling to take care of all the perishables and produce shipping. With our experience in fresh produce shipping, we are one of the most trusted companies when it comes to handling and meeting all the expectations and requirements of the produce shipping supply chain.

Perishables logistics
consumer & retail


Consumer & Retail

Prime Logistics is a committed and competitive retail supply chain company that offers international fashion and retail supply chain management and solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle each job with speed, flexibility, and efficiency for success. With these capabilities, we can ensure business owners are able to expand their products globally. Prime is one of the most trusted companies for fashion and retail product shipping and business logistics.



Chemical Solutions

Our logistics company knows how important it is to transport chemicals with the utmost care and safety in mind. This is why we take extra safety measures to ensure that everyone handling and receiving the chemical is safe. We have precautionary emergency protocols in place in the event of a spill, our experienced staff has knowledge of each chemical and what should be done if spilled.

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Construction Solutions 

With Prime Logistics, your construction equipment will be shipped effectively and successfully every time. We are there through every step of the supply chain process, planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling any logistics activities. With our global network, we can ensure effective and efficient shipments all over the world while meeting all your other logistic needs.


Automotive Solutions

In the automotive industry, customer demands and expectations are only growing, and the need for efficient and trustworthy logistic companies grows with it. Not only can we help with user experience but also with vehicle configurations. It’s no secret that it takes many pieces to put together a car. Our team can successfully give you peace of mind in storing and transporting a variety of pieces from across the world. 

automotive logistics

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Prime Logistics has years of experience importing and exporting a wide variety of goods, products, and parts. If you have any questions about how we can meet any of your logistics needs, contact us today!

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Let us do the work
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ready to ship?

Prime Logistics clients depend on our international network of coordinated cargo and freight service specialists to operate shipping routes across the globe. Our experienced customer service representatives are available to answer your calls and address any international freight forwarding and shipping questions you may have promptly and courteously. We are here for you!