How to Ship a Car Engine

Depending on the kind of business that you are running, you will need to learn how to ship a variety of different products. Whether this is items that make up a vehicle or other awkwardly shaped items and heavy items like domestic appliances or those that make up a car, our global shipping & logistics solutions company is here to make sure that you understand what you should do and what you should expect when the time comes to send these items to a destination. Many businesses deal with automobiles and look to ship items that are vital to their construction – either domestically or internationally. If you are interested in learning how to ship a car engine and other parts, continue reading below. 


More About Car Engine Shipping

Car engine shipping is best done through less-than-truckload freight. This classification of a weight class is strictly for shipments that range from 50 to 5,000 KG, or 110 pounds to 1,1023 pounds. As you could probably imagine, this is more than sufficient for car engines, since they are typically much lighter than this. Less than truckload freight shipping is one of the most reliable forms of freight shipping because of the way that businesses will have to pay for the space on the truck. Specifically, businesses that will be shipping car engines will only have to pay for the space occupied by the engine in the freight truck. This means that the costs incurred by the business that is shipping the engine will be much lower since car engines typically do not occupy a lot of space. 


How to Prepare for Shipping a Car Engine

To prepare for shipping a car engine, you will need to be aware of some considerations. Prime Group would like to point out that one of the most important aspects of shipping an engine has to do with draining the engine of liquid before shipping. This removes hazardous materials from the engine, making it safer for transportation. These liquids include water, oils, grease, and gas. This could also help you save money by avoiding damages and delays. Later, put the engine in a pallet or crate to be fully prepared for shipping. 


How to Ship a Fender and How to Ship a Bumper

Fenders are some of the most delicate parts of a car and will need to be packed accordingly. This means getting a box that is one and a half times the size of the fender and double wrapping it in bubble wrap. Later, fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts. 


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