Prime Logistics has had years to specialize in understanding and fulfilling the needs of healthcare supply chain management. We have seen firsthand the complexity of this process and how quickly and constantly it evolves. It doesn’t just include the management of fulfilling the orders but knowing that each order contains time-sensitive medical equipment. 


We understand that medical supply logistics always has a role, no matter what industry you work in – whether large imaging systems or small sensitive devices and other supplies. Our experts have taken the time to learn and grow within the industry. From this, they can adapt and handle any supply chain disruptions. 

Why Is It Important to Store Medical Equipment?

The storage and handling of these vital and often sensitive pieces of equipment all require special expertise and preparation. Some of the medical assets that are the most common on the supply chain include the following:

MRI Machine



This equipment and related items require temperature-controlled settings for the stage and are fragile. Sometimes, these components can also contain things like gauges, lenses, or mirrors. This makes it even more crucial to know the ins and outs of the medical and biotech logistics and regulations involved to avoid any damage or other issues. 


Properly shipping medical supplies is a key factor in logistics. This is why partnering with a trusted, experienced 3PL (third-party logistics) like our South Florida logistics company is important.

Steps in Shipping Medical Equipment

A few steps are involved in ensuring the safe shipping of all medical supplies, which we explain in more detail below. 

Plan Ahead

More time put into the planning part of logistics will help alleviate some stress if any challenges arise. This industry often needs speedy shipping and delivery, so it’s key to plan ahead to have the equipment and a capable team ready to handle anything.  

Plan for Temperature or Environmental Concerns

If a piece of medical equipment is more sensitive and needs to be shipped to a place with high humidity or other extreme temperatures, this will need to be addressed when planning. Prime Logistics uses temperature-controlled storage and equipment to protect our shipments from moisture damage or other temperature and environmental issues. 

Identify Hazardous Materials

When shipping medical supplies, it helps to understand any hazardous materials they may contain. The materials may be toxic, explosive, radioactive, or otherwise dangerous. This is why HAZMAT precautions are in place and followed to ensure everyone and everything is kept safe. 

Custom Packaging With Help

This is one of the most important steps in medical supply logistics. It is meant to protect valuable pieces of equipment with specific kitting and other packing materials that are imperative to the safety of each shipment.

Track the Items

Having a 3PL that you trust is very important. It’s also important for your company to have a tracking system in place. This lets you track your shipments from when they first leave the warehouse to when they reach their final destinations. 


Prime Logistics is one of the most trustworthy 3PLs. We use industry-leading technology to ensure that each of our partners is satisfied with our work. Contact us today to learn more about our services and other shipping solutions.