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Project forwarding, or project logistics, is also known as project cargo logistics. Examples of project cargo are the transportation of larger and more complex equipment, like moving mobile homes and breaking bulk shipments. Project cargo shipping can be moved by land, sea, or air


Prime Logistics has years of experience in working with different industry logistics, including transporting large and complex shipments. With this experience, we can share how to get started and what project cargo is. 


Project Cargo Services

When it comes to the beginning of a project, cargo logistics planning is the most crucial element. Pre-planning, having a contingency plan, and execution are the three steps to a successful shipment. 



Creating an organized and detailed plan will allow all parties involved to be on the same page and work together for a successful job. Making this plan will also let you create the proper timing windows needed for each step of the project and the budget for each step. Pre-planning can also reduce the risk of unexpected events. 


Have a Contingency Plan

While pre-planning helps reduce the risk of unexpected events, it cannot stop them altogether. Having a contingency plan can help prepare you if anything unexpected happens. Consider all alternatives and create backup plans. It will save and reduce the panic if such a plan is needed. 


Executing the Plan

Once all plans are made, both primary and backup, it is time to start the transportation process. Every country has different protocols and paperwork needed for customs, duties, exemptions, authorizations, and other guidelines that will need to be followed. The project cargo manager can typically assist in the regulatory considerations and budgeting process. They can also help by providing insights into the design, packaging, routing options, and appropriate choices for the final parts of the shipments.


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