Maritime Chartering Solutions

If you own a business that relies on cargo delivery, you will need to understand that sometimes, your cargo and shipping will need to rely on boats and other maritime vehicles to get to their final destinations. Ship chartering is one of the oldest forms of cargo transportation, and one that businesses specializing in international business need to be aware of so that they know how to take advantage of effective shipping across the ocean. As one of the most experienced logistics and shipping companies, Prime Group and Prime Logistics are ready to help businesses with their maritime chartering solutions. Continue reading below to learn more about the advantages that we offer with our vessel chartering services.


What Are Chartering Services? 

When we are talking about logistics and freight handling, chartering is defined as an agreement where a shipowner agrees to rent his ship to the cargo owner. The cargo owner then uses this ship to transport cargo from one destination to another. There are two parties to a charter agreement: the shipowner and the charterer. When a contract is signed between these two parties, the contract is known as a charter party. So, chartering services are essentially a service where two independent parties agree to a relationship where a vessel is rented to be used as a mode of transportation for goods like cargo.  


How Maritime Logistics Works

There are three kinds of ship chartering contracts that influence what kind of relationship the charter party will oversee. The three kinds of maritime chartering solutions are the following: 

The kind of charter that you choose to use for your charter vessel will depend entirely on what advantages and disadvantages you are willing to take on. 


More About Prime Logistics

Prime Logistics is a Global Shipping & Logistics Solutions business whose dedication is to helping businesses with their logistics and cargo shipping efforts. We understand more than anyone else that this is an important part of the modern economy, and we believe that we are better equipped to handle this than anyone else in the industry. Our full suite of services other than maritime logistics includes chartering solutions along with the following: 



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