The role of packing logistics in supply chain management is critical and is a large part of customer satisfaction. Logistics refers to the process of the supply chain. It is the monitoring, organizing, controlling, and directing of supplies. Regarding packing logistics, this is what helps our shipping logistics company monitor the quality of the packing materials. 


Prime Logistics’ goal is to reduce and eliminate the number of damaged goods in each shipment. With our professionals working hard, shipments can be followed through smoothly. Proper and adequate packaging and crating services make each step easier and their contents safer throughout the supply chain process.


Different shipping industries use different packaging and crating services. This depends on the type of perishables and helps ensure they stay safe and fresh. Within this process, three types of packaging are used, which include primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is also known as the consumer unit, which means it is directly in contact with the product. It is a form of packaging that will help preserve and protect the products from harmful contaminants. It is often intended for the product’s end-user, but it also makes the items easier to handle during the process.

packaging logistics

As a marketing tactic, businesses will print any information they want to communicate to the consumer on the primary packaging. It also captures the buyer’s attention once the shipments reach their destinations, like retail stores.

Secondary Packaging

This packaging comes on top of the primary packaging for display and branding. Secondary packaging is meant to be easier for buyers to handle the product as a single pack. It also acts as a protective layer for the product and primary packaging. Secondary packaging is often used for smaller E-Commerce shipments and includes paper, bags, reinforcements, separators, padding, and boxes. 

Tertiary Packaging

Also known as transit and bulk packaging, tertiary packaging is used to safely transport SKUs (stock-keeping units) in larger quantities. With this type, products are handled as distribution units that help store, transport and handle the products. This is one of the most common types used in packaging logistics. 

The Importance of Packaging in Supply Chain Management

Packaging in supply chain management is the process of preparation of goods in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to get them through the chain. Packaging plays a large and significant role because it can:



Packaging optimization is a critical part of marketing and the supply chain. It brings into account almost all aspects of the product, such as design, layout, ergonomic elements, and communication. All of these factors add to the brand value. 


The flow of the supply chain considers the features of products that are essential factors in the handling of the product during distribution. It involves the flow of internal materials, distribution, disposal, unpacking, and dealing with returns. Packing logistics add value to products through the supply chain.

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