International Women’s Day with Prime Logistics’ Marysabel Gonzalez Siritt

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day by shining the spotlight on Marysabel Gonzalez Siritt who, since joining Prime Logistics in March of 2021, is contributing every day to the company’s success – by providing our clients and the industry overall with top-quality logistics services.

Presently Prime Logistics’ Operations Supervisor at the company’s Doral, Fla. -headquarters, Marysabel was initially brought in as an Air Export Agent due to her previous experience as a freight-forwarding specialist in shipping cargo to Venezuela – her country of origin.

It is fitting that we talk with Marysabel on International Women’s Day, as it is the annual worldwide event that serves as the anchor to Women’s History Month in March. This is the time of year countries all across the world take pause to recognize the accomplishments of women and to recognize their strengths in business, at home, and in every aspect of society.

And so today we recognize one of the “anchors” of the Prime Logistics team, by getting to know a little more about Marysabel Gonzalez Siritt:

  1. Briefly describe your role at Prime Logistics.

Marysabel: My typical day starts with a review of operations so that I can coordinate cargo shipments coming into Miami from other countries and assign these tasks to other agents, either on the air cargo side or ocean freight. We arrange pickup via delivery trucks for transfer of the freight, coordinate with airlines and cargo ships, work with the customs brokers to release the goods, etc.

     2. Who were your mentors that helped you along your way?

Marysabel: Well, there are a few – one is obviously my mother who I absolutely admire most for her perseverance, strength, and independence. When she was very young, she went to another city to live with her grandmother, in order to attend kindergarten because there no schools where she grew up. She studied hard and ultimately started a professional career – all the while being very supportive of her seven siblings.

Another mentor in my life has been my aunt, a strong woman with ambition and determination that served as a judge for over 25 years in Venezuela and friend of the family who opened my eyes to the field of law. Her motto was “keep on truckin,’ never stop, and follow your heart,” which I did – by earning my degree in law in 2012. This led to my first career in a civil court in Valencia, Venezuela, where I served for four years before coming to the U.S. to seek a better life.

I also want to mention one other mentor, who means a lot to me – and many other Venezuelans – Carolina Herrera. As an entrepreneur and fashion icon she is source of inspiration for women around the world.

    3. What do you like most about your job with Prime Logistics?

Marysabel: The nature of this job is unpredictability; it is always changing. I actually get a thrill out of the pressure of logistics, building relationships with clients, closely coordinating and fine-tuning details, and resolving problems. I also especially like the “family” feel of working here with the Prime Logistics team. It is good to have management’s support in this way as well as among my co-workers.

    4. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self, professionally?

Marysabel: Patience and perseverance are the key.

    5. What is your passion?

Marysabel: In one word, it is – travel!


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Climate of Inclusion

Prime Logistics is one of four companies under the Miami-based Prime Group corporate umbrella. According to COO Omar Zambrano, “We believe that diverse employee teams are the company’s best resource for reimagining new strategies and employing creative, unique, and successful approaches in the marketplace. These are critical skills that all businesses need in good times and during times of disruption.” Zambrano has also overseen daily operations of Prime Logistics for more than 21 years.

A predominant goal of Prime Logistics, along with sister companies Prime Fresh Handling, PrimeAir, and Prime Planet, he emphasizes, “is to create a climate of inclusion, a pathway to career fulfillment, equal opportunities for all, and the absolute best-employee team possible to assist its entire base of clientele.”

A diverse workforce serves as a “secret ingredient” for employers as well. It tends to foster a culture of empathy for others, which directly impacts a company’s ability to best serve all its customers. Plus, it’s a positive factor that can lead to greater business success.

“This is why Prime Logistics champions the progress of women in business and pledges to keep moving the needle forward for diversity in 2023 and beyond,” Zambrano added.


About Women’s Day

For more than 100 years, International Women’s Day has been celebrated annually round the world on the 8th of March. A public holiday in many countries, it is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights that started back to 1910, when the day was first observed across America and Europe. Later, in 1946, feminists in Italy chose the mimosa flower as a symbol of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity for Women’s Day.


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