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Moving goods seamlessly from Point A to Point B – often across nations, oceans, and continents – takes a monumental global logistics effort. The supply chain process is akin to a well-orchestrated performance with individual players comprised of freight forwarders, third-party logistics providers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailer – and World Cargo Alliance (WCA) agents.

Each plays a vital role in assuring that whether the goods are lumber supplies, jet engines, furniture, household goods, appliances, or other products, they travel from their origination point to their final destination on a timely, careful, well-orchestrated journey.

One analogy? Think of the famous 1950s-era Rat Pack performing in Las Vegas; each performer was exceptional, yet different – but all of them contributed to the ultimate performance delivery.

In this series of blogs, we’re looking at these multiple stage players along the global supply chain. This time, our focus is on the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) agents.

World Cargo Alliance Allows “Your People” Call “My People”— in 195 Counties Around the World

You’ve heard the joke, poking fun at how “Hollywood” types talk to each other, “Have your people call my people. We’ll do lunch.” It’s making fun of big shots, like stars and producers that are so important they have “people” who do everything for them. It’s always a big deal. That’s the idea.

Well, on the world logistics stage, it really is a big deal that the World Cargo Alliance (WCAworld) truly has “people” that call their people – freight forwarders who do “everything” for them – in nearly 12,000 member offices in 195 countries around the globe. 

What is WCAworld

WCAworld is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders. In fact, the combined logistics might of the WCAworld membership exceeds that even of the world’s largest multinational freight forwarders.

Founded in 1998, there is a wide range of membership benefits and exclusive resources – foremost among them is unprecedented access to WCAworld’s vast pool of high-quality freight forwarding partners in every corner of the globe. This allows each member unrivaled opportunities to find new partners, attract new business and, most importantly, drive increased profits.

Every WCAworld member is carefully screened before acceptance into WCA. Each new member undergoes complete background and financial checks before they become enrolled as a WCAworld member company. This allows each company to conduct business with other members with complete security and peace of mind.

Networking Events

Networking among thousands of contacts under one roof is definitely a big plus. WCAworld conferences range from large events, attracting 2,900 freight forwarders in one location, to dedicated region and service-specific conferences that cater to each of WCA’s specialty networks. These conferences are unrivaled in terms of participation, the number of business meetings, new business generated, and the formation of long-lasting relationships.

Not only do delegates create tens of millions of dollars in combined new business, but also save weeks of travel time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses. You can literally conduct more business in a single day at a WCAworld conference than in a month of business travel.

Power of Insurance
WCAworld also provides cost-effective cargo insurance under the buying power of the WCA, through World Insurance Services (WIS), offering members with comprehensive risk-management options tailored to the transportation and logistics industry. Located across four continents and comprised of veteran forwarders and logistics insurance specialists, WIS builds its business around the unique needs of its members rather than fitting them into a traditional insurance box.

Training and Certifications

The WCAworld Academy is an attractive benefit open to all members. WCAworld Academy offers both online and classroom-based training in various topics from general freight training and problem-solving to specialist courses in pharmaceuticals, perishables, and obtaining compliance.

In addition, the Academy features concise online demonstrations of WCAworld services, allowing information to be accessed online. Current trends and case studies are also used to assist and enhance your business. WCAworld Academy provides members with the training and education necessary to achieve and maintain the highest industry standards by working with specialists in each area. Open forums are also offered to promote members’ discussions and exchange ideas.

Membership Has Benefits

The overarching benefit is the ability for any member company to conduct business on behalf of their customers, virtually anywhere in the world on-demand, in partnership with any of the thousands of pre-qualified WCA member companies. In fact, you get to call them your “people!”

Being in the WCA immediately enhances your company’s profile by putting you in a league with the biggest players in the business. You can effectively meet the needs of any major multinational customer with great assurance by tapping into the experience and professional know-how of your fellow WCA members.


Time for lunch?


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this Part 3 of our series. The next blog in this series about supply chain players will focus on Manufacturers.


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