The 7 Rs of Logistics

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In the supply chain management service industry, Prime Logistics has years of experience. Our experts have seen how important supply chain management and logistics are. Have you witnessed the management of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer or customer? This is all part of the logistics of a supply chain. But have you heard about “The 7 Rs of Logistics”?


We also know that many elements are important parts of the logistical structure of the supply chain. These elements are known as the 7 Rs of logistics: 


  • Right Product
  • Right Customer
  • Right Price
  • Right Quantity
  • Right Condition
  • Right Time
  • Right Place


Right Product

On top of monitoring the designing, manufacturing, and selecting of a product, companies also need to look into any possible issues that can present themselves during transportation. Some products may have special packaging requirements, especially if they are heavier, bulky, fragile, or oddly shaped. 

When a product’s design is done properly, it will set the standards for packaging, warehousing, product handling, and transportation to keep the supply chain moving smoothly.


Right Customer

Customers are at the core of the supply chain process. You want to target the right customer. This entails finding your customers and creating more awareness about the products or services offered.

One of the greatest challenges that appears during this process is being able to identify the customer that should be targeted. Prime Logistics knows the solution: Market research. By understanding the market the product is entering, companies can determine their target customers. 


Right Price

Pricing is a very important part of the 7 Rs of logistics. It is also important for the business in general due to its effect on the profit. The appropriate price value will help a company track its income and expenses. Research on marketing trends and competitor prices for goods or services should be done to accurately know what this price is.

If you don’t know where to start, a logistics management team like ours at Prime Logistics can help companies find the right price to ensure success. 


Right Quantity

Another key component in logistics is making sure that the right amount of the product is being sent out. The supply chain managers should oversee finding the right quantity. Then they should then coordinate and provide this information to the manufacturing and delivery teams. This will ensure everyone is on the same page about how much product needs to be created and delivered to customers. This will also allow a company to keep up with the product demand.

Not keeping up with demand will end up costing the company more money. The production of a product must be balanced between the demand and the inventory cost. 


Right Condition

The supply team’s job is to ensure that the products and goods are taken care of properly and delivered to the customers in proper condition. The right condition means that the customer received the product safely and in the same condition as when it left the manufacturing building. The distribution strategy is used to ensure this happens every time.


Right Time

Time is one of the biggest supply chain functions in logistics. Even if everything is done properly, the entire process can fail if the timing is off. It’s the manager’s job to keep a tracking system and coordinate with delivery teams to ensure the timing of deliveries doesn’t waiver. Products must be on the shelves or, at the very least, in stock at the right time. This helps cater to the demand for the product. If not, potential sales can be lost to competitors. 


Right Place

The manager should also develop a system that provides location tracking. By doing this, all interested parties can track the exact location of the product and when it is being delivered, plus if it is delivered to the right place. 


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