South Florida Logistics: What 3PL Means

South Florida is mainly known for its beautiful environment, fantastic beaches, orange groves, and warm weather. But when it comes to 3PL or third-party logistics, do people think of Florida? They should! Transportation, border wholesale trade, and logistics companies employ almost half a million Floridians. Third-party logistics companies are used to outsource the e-commerce logistics of processes to third-party businesses. This includes:



Prime Logistics is based out of Miami, FL, and can give an insight into 3PL companies in Florida and other South Florida Logistics needs.  


3PL Companies In Florida

In Florida, there is an impressive infrastructure, meaning it is perfect for 3PL companies. It is easy to conduct logistics and transportation services with all the state offers:


  • Over 12,000 miles of highways 
  • 20 commercial service airports
  • Over 2,700 miles of railroad
  • 15 deep-sea water ports


This allows third-party logistics companies to thrive and continuously and successfully complete each job they work. These 3PL companies give e-commerce merchants the ability to accomplish more with the tools and systems to automate retail order fulfillment. 


Here are the major ports and commercial service airports in Florida:



  • Port of Miami
  • Port Everglades
  • Port of Palm Beach
  • Port of Tampa Bay
  • Port of Jacksonville


Commercial Service Airports:

  • Southwest Florida International Airport
  • Punta Gorda Airport
  • Sarasota Bradenton International Airport
  • Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Jacksonville International Airport
  • Northeast Florida Regional Airport
  • Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport
  • Pensacola International Airport
  • Tallahassee International Airport
  • Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
  • Palm Beach International Airport
  • Daytona Beach International Airport
  • Melbourne International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport
  • Key West International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport


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