Cargo Aircraft is the Only Way to Fly?

cargo aircraft
cargo aircraft

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And what better place to start than with the reasons why a business would even need to charter a plane, rather than simply shipping its products on a scheduled commercial airline flight or cargo carrier? Well, there are many good reasons. “Perhaps you need much better schedule flexibility, particularly if the flight routing is complicated,” says Jose Luis Suarez, Air Division Manager for Miami-based logistics conglomerate Prime Group. “Or, you’re shipping an oversized load that won’t fit on certain aircraft, or you have certain types of hazardous goods to ship.”

The Benefits of Chartering a Cargo Aircraft

When it comes to shipping goods, the speed of delivery is crucial. Chartering a cargo aircraft offers the biggest advantage in terms of quick and efficient transport. Time is of the essence, especially for urgent shipments like vaccines, pharmaceuticals, humanitarian aid, critical spare parts, and perishable items such as cherries, salmon, and fresh-cut flowers. Chartering is also ideal for long-distance journeys from remote areas to North America, South America, or Europe. However, navigating the chartering process can be complex for many companies. That’s where Prime Group, our expert air charter team, comes in. We provide comprehensive assistance and expertise as either your charter broker or by working closely with an experienced cargo broker.


 Reliable Air Charter Solutions for Safe and On-Time Cargo Transport

Choosing the right aircraft is essential for successful shipments. Different types of cargo require different capacities. For smaller loads, regional flights may suffice, but larger shipments of heavy machinery or multiple vehicles may require a B747-8 freighter. Our charter brokers can determine the availability of suitable aircraft and calculate the requirements for the travel route.

Working with a charter broker offers several benefits. For example, if the desired aircraft is not available for charter, the broker can arrange for an aircraft to be relocated, which may result in higher prices. Additionally, if there is no return freight, the cost may increase as the carrier needs to account for both inbound and outbound flights. However, a good charter broker can help optimize costs based on specific shipping needs. Partial charters can be a cost-saving option for certain shipments, while massive loads often require a full aircraft charter. Charter cargo aircraft are solely dedicated to carrying goods and do not have passenger seats. The charter price typically includes aircraft usage, fuel, a certified crew, ground handling, and insurance. Specific inclusions or exclusions can vary.

Weight and dimensions play a significant role in determining the aircraft’s capacity. Each aircraft type has weight limits and certification requirements, making specialized support and expertise vital in logistics and air transport. Prime Group offers comprehensive assistance, handling all communication, cargo matching, shipping coordination, route planning, and delivery timeline management for clients’ valuable goods. Chartering a cargo aircraft provides greater flexibility to meet specific needs compared to commercial flights. Shippers have control over departure and arrival times, flight routes, and the choice of airports, including isolated airports closer to the final destination. This flexibility helps save costs and streamline logistics, especially for unusual cargo types.

To ensure a successful charter experience, partnering with an experienced third-party logistics provider is crucial. At Prime Group, we specialize in creating tailor-made charter cargo solutions for clients worldwide. Contact us today to experience seamless shipment logistics and a custom charter solution by our team of experts.

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