Prime Logistics handling of oversized cargo is a heavy responsibility

When it comes to handling high-value, oversized cargo there is no margin for error. Especially when it’s a large commercial turbine engine – or an entire helicopter, fresh off the production line. Whether it be Project Cargo or Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC), specialized skills and years of experience are required to work with such large-scale, heavy-duty, high-value cargo.

Being affiliated with Atlas Air’s general sales and service agent (GSSA) in Bogota, our team on the ground knows well that working with such major payloads is no small task. Ensuring the safe and reliable handling of aerospace components and equipment is just one of many services they provide, but it certainly ranks among the highest in importance.

In fact, no matter the industry, destination, or the unique challenges its customers may face, Prime Logistics is known worldwide as the go-to experts in the large-scale, heavy-duty transport and logistics management of equipment essential for executing critical commercial missions.

Prime Logistics provides ideal, cost-effective solutions uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. They have the capability to provide expert end-to-end air, ground, and ocean freight solutions, using the vast informational and quality systems/processes in place to effectively administer each project.

Partnering with Prime Logistics to manage a client’s entire logistics program ensures their equipment moves smoothly and error-free across their specific industry’s supply chain. By land, sea, or air, Prime Logistics experts are the eyes and ears in the field, providing efficient passage of all the goods they are entrusted to handle.

Mission Not Impossible

Such was the case recently in Bogota where our crew was called upon to manage two separate missions on behalf of global air cargo carrier Atlas Air: The handing of a $20 million single commercial turbine engine, and; a brand new $3 million rotorcraft off the production line. Both operations required the utmost care, attention to detail, and a critical skill set to ensure each mission was perfectly executed.

GE Engine Transport

Atlas Air was contracted to transport a 13-ton General Electric LM6000 engine from Los Angeles to Bogota (BOG), where the Prime Logistics crew would offload it. A gas-turbine derivative of the CF6 engine family that’s been the cornerstone of the wide-body aircraft business, this particular version is used for marine propulsion of cruise ships and fast ferries. It was a big engine with a big job ahead – and everyone was waiting.

Upon arrival at BOG, the Prime Logistics team used a ramp-side crane to delicately move the 26,000 lb. behemoth to a nearby trucking area where a wheeled flatbed trailer took over, by providing final – and successful – delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

New Helicopter Transport

Point of origin of the helicopter was YQB, the Canadian airport serving Québec City – not far from where Bell manufactured this Bell 407 GXi rotorcraft destined for Colombia.

With a chargeable weight of approximately 10 tons, the seven-seat four-blade helicopter was disassembled for transport and shipped BOG where it was accepted ramp-side by Prime Logistics. Once off the Atlas Air freighter, the payload was transported using a normal dolly to a trucking area for the continuation of its journey to the customer.

Another important distinction in handling such payloads, is that both the engine and the helicopter were designated Dangerous Goods (DG). This meant that expert handlers were required at each of the points of origin to carefully inspect the shipments to ensure their acceptance and transport on the outbound cargo aircraft.

Prime Logistics customers know we’re the go-to experts for big logistics challenges like these. That’s because we’ve been doing specialized heavy-cargo work for decades – and not just for the aerospace industry. We also manage logistics for the transport of oil-industry equipment, construction equipment, and automotive parts and equipment.

About Prime Logistics

One of four divisions of Prime Group, an international logistics services conglomerate founded in Ecuador in 2001, Prime Logistics serves to streamline, optimize, and expedite freight to and from the U.S. for a wide range of major industries.

With offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Bogota, Quito, and Amsterdam, Prime Logistics capitalizes on its long-time relationships with the major air carriers and ocean lines to offer competitive rates in securing ample space to destinations all around the world.


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