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Prime Logistics has years of experience in automotive logistics. It is an ever-changing industry that we are constantly adapting to. It is also an industry full of complexity and special requirements for each type of car part. For example, shipping tires have many different guidelines and factors to think about. 


Are the tires being shipped with or without wheels or rims? Knowing how to ship tires for both will help get the shipment there undamaged and well taken care of. Without the wheels or rims, it can be very simple.


Due to the shape and size of the tire, most shipping companies don’t require packaging. They only require the proper label to be on the surface and that it meets all the shipping requirements. Of course, packaging can be used to protect the tires by boxing them or wrapping them securely with plastic wrap. If multiple tires are being shipped to the same place, it’s easier to box them together and save money by using only one label instead of four. 


Shipping Wheels and Tires

When it comes to shipping a tire with the rim and wheel attached to each other, this is slightly more complex. They can be shipped with or without a box, but it needs to be packed carefully to protect the wheel and rim during shipping. Below is how to pack tires with rims. 

First, the tires should be placed on a piece of cardboard, and then draw an outline of the tire onto the cardboard. You will want to trim this cardboard into a circle, cutting on the line that was drawn. This is because using round pieces of cardboard will help protect the wheels from being scratched during shipping. A foam layer can be added underneath the cardboard for additional protection. Next, tape the cardboard to the foam to keep it in place. 


If the shipment calls for a box, then after taping the cardboard in place, place the tire in the box. Now is when to add extra packing material around the edges to protect the tire and reduce movement during transportation. Finally, tape the box closed and add the shipping label. 


If no box is required, then there will be different steps taken. If protection is needed, wrap the tire and wheel in bubble wrap. Then shrink-wrap the entire package and be sure to tape down any loose ends. Remember to add the label to the side of the wheel. Shipping rims by themselves is a similar process to shipping wheels with tires. 

Tire Shipping Costs

On average, the tire shipping cost is about $1.36 per mile to transport car parts less than 100 miles and $0.28 per mile if it is less than 1000 miles. That can fluctuate depending on the specification of parts, like the size, weight, packaging, and distance it needs to travel. 

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