Healthcare Logistics

Prime Logistics understands that the need for medical equipment, medical supplies, and medicine is extremely important, even more so now than it was in the past. Getting these items to where they are needed is part of healthcare logistics. The practice of this is much like any other logistics practice in any industry, only with much higher stakes. 


Logistics in healthcare can be a true life-or-death situation if the right medicine or supplies are unavailable where they are needed. It is a unique supply chain. Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment require temperature-controlled environments, which our logistics company can supply. 

What Is Healthcare Logistics?

It is the shipping of medical equipment and supplies that require specifics to ensure they arrive on time and unharmed. These goals are similar to any other load but with more factors involved:


  • Temperature/humidity control
  • Hazardous materials
  • Packaging/shipping in parts
  • Insurance and tracking


There are some pieces of equipment that may require a constant temperature or humidity level to avoid damage. Our logistics services handle all of the above.  


Packaging includes many different types of medical equipment that need specific instructions to keep them safe. Otherwise, there could be damage and other issues that rise up and interfere with getting the equipment to where it is needed. 

Medical Logistics

Pharmaceutical supply chains are made of a few steps that are common throughout other supply chains but with the adjustments needed for the medical aspects. The chain includes:


  • Raw material/supplies
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Pricing
  • Retail pharmacies


At the beginning of any chain are the raw materials and supplies. Medical raw materials and supplies are more specific than those used in manufacturing. Here the materials are synthesized to the pharmaceutical and properly packaged. Once it has its packaging, bulk quantities will be sent to the distributors, and this unique step of pricing takes place. It is set in concert with pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs. The final step is when it gets to its final resting place in retail pharmacies. 


And there is it, the healthcare logistics around the pharmaceutical industry! 

Have More Questions?

If you have further questions about healthcare logistics and what we can do for your company in the pharmaceutical supply chain, contact Prime Logistics today! Our experienced team is ready to handle any supply chain and any obstacles that may arise.

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